Katrina Ruby Glassworks
Corporate Artwork
From design and production to installation, custom glass and metal wall mounted, desktop and free standing sculpture for commercial, hospitality and residential spaces. I take into consideration the corporate identity of your organization. I will create sophisticated artwork to enhance the environment and mood. I work with you to apply my style to your needs to create a harmonious environment. 
For information and pricing please contact me.
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Stone and fused glass sculpture.
Any size and available in multiples.
Winter Light
9"x9"x36"high (available in additional sizes upon request)
Forged steel with "floating" glass forms. Perfect for niches.
Winter Light closeup
Winter Night
36"long x 5"d x 42"h (available in additional sizes upon request)
Forged steel with "floating" glass forms.
Black and White
6"x6"x2"d framed
Available individually with corporate award insignia or in multiples of any denomination.
Glass and copper within a wood frame in black or white.
Also available in other colors upon request.
Three on the Curve
36"w x 48"h x 4.5"d
Forged steel with "floating" glass forms, wall mounted. 
Available in multiples. Available in various colors upon request.
Linear Winter
4'10"long x 3'7"h x 4.5"d
Forged steel and "floating" forms wall mounted.
Available in multiples and additonal colors upon request.
River Reflections
Varied 8"diameter, 10"diameter, 12"diameter and additional sizes upon request.
Glass coupe forms on metal bases, wall or tabletop mounted.
Pate de verre sculptural forms with copper electroform edges. Tabletop sculpture.
Color Blocks
Framed glass and copper mini sculptures.
Available in multiples and additional colors upon request.
Color Blocks
Light Being Light
16"l x 7"d x 6"h
Glass and copper meditation sculpture including LED mood light. Available in additional colors and patinas. See next photo.
Light Being Light - Skylight
36"w x 4.5"d x varied height
Steel shelf with varied lengths of glass "floating" down. 
Available in additional lengths, heights and colors upon request.
Varied sizes
Glass and copper sculpture on stone base. Available in varied sizes and colors upon request.
Framed fused glass in various patterns.
Available in multiples and other colors upon request.
Varied sizes
Glass on stone sculpture available in tabletop or wall mounted applications. Sized to fit space upon request.
Fused glass framed or unframed work with organic inclusions. These pieces are available in multiples and various sizes.
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