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Elsa's Wings
Front view of the dress portion of the piece created for and worn during the Glass Art Society conference Fashion show in 2009.
Elsa's Wings
Runway Prep - Looking Fabulous
Model getting ready to walk to the runway 2012 GAS Fashion show Toledo, OH
Queen of Winter - faux fur and glass boots
2012 Glass Art Society Conference, Toledo, OH - 
Queen of the Winter

Queen of the Winter is an example of wearable glass fashion, a form of glass work that I love to do. I enjoy wearable glass so much that I travel throughout the US to show these pieces!
Glass Fashion - click on any photo to enlarge:
2009 Glass Art Society Conference, Corning, NY - 
Elsa's Wings

Elsa's Wings is the first piece of wearable glass art that I made. 
This piece was inspired by my niece who was fascinated by fairy and butterfly wings.

I offer unique wedding items for your special day:

  Wearable Items
    (Glass  slippers)

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Custom Jewelery pieces for all occasions.
Cinderellas Glass Slippers
Wearable glass art shoes, custom made to fit the bride for that special day.
Wedding Shoes close up
Wedding Shoes on the big day. The bride wore these shoes for the walk down the aisle through all the photos for the day. She was a beautiful princess!
Glass Fashion Show shoes from the 2009 Elsa's Wings piece.
Snowdrops on Copper
Glass Fashion Show 2012 shoes to accessorize the Queen of Winter piece.
2012 Fashion Show boot close up
2016 Glass Art Society Conference, Corning, NY - 
Burst,  modeled by T.H. was inspired by color, movement and trees.

Feathers, modeled by J.Herron was inspired by the layers seen in nature, feathers, scales, bark...

It was a great show and my models did a great job! The show was so much fun. 

Click on any image to enlarge it
Click on any image to enlarge it