Katrina Ruby Glassworks
Photo Gallery
Here are some examples of recent work and a few old favorites: Click on any photo to enlarge.
Spring Breakup
Fused Glass forms framed and lit from within with multiple LEDs.
Spring Breakup
Lit view
close-up view of fused and slumped bowl form created using a sandpainting process.
16"dia x 5"h
Elsa's Wings
Front view of the dress portion of the piece created for and worn during the Glass Art Society conference Fashion show in 2009.
Elsa's Wings
Wing portion of piece worn for the 2009 Glass Art Society Fashion Show.
Tangerine and clear Pate de verre forms pierced by a forged glass spike, balanced on unpolished granite.
6"h x 5"d x 5"w
Close up view of Sterling Silver and green glass pendant
3"l x .5"w x .25"d
A piece depicting the wonderful and beautiful experience of becoming a mother.
Pate de verre vessel form enclosing two matte finish pate de verre forms with a patinated, electroformed copper edge.
17"w x 8.5"d x 6.5"h
Light Being Light
A meditation light; Pate de verre arc form suspended on copper stems with blown glass forms floating and filled with LED light, on a copper patinated base.
16"l x 8"w x 7"h
Queen of Winter
Wearable glass art, live and on display at the 2012 Glass Art Society Conference Fashion Show.
Winter Light
Pate de verre forms floating on forged, patinated steel spikes on a steel base.
9"w x 9"d x 52"h
Winter Light
Close-up view
Winter Waterfall
Pate de verre forms entwined with each other forming layers and dimension, on a patinated copper base, lit from within with soft LED light.
20"dia x 16"h
Winter Waterfall
Close-up view
Winter Night
Pate de verre forms floating on forged steel tapers standing tall along a patinated counter-weighted steel base. 
32"h x 5.5"d x 36"l
Meditation light in pate de verre and copper with LED lighting.
16"l x 6.5"h x 6"w
Champagne and Amber
Fused and slumped forms twined together.
12"dia x 14"h
Fused and slumped glass, created with "sandpainted" rootbeer glass.
16"dia x 5.5"h
Copper Green
Fused and pate de verre glass forms with copper inclusion framed by a shadow box.
12" x 12" x 2"d
Copper Green
Close-up view
Fused glass and Sterling Silver pendant on a silver cord.
Ice Bowl
Fused and slumped glass bowl form on a glass base.
17"dia x 5.5"h
Lavender and Black
Wall sculpture with pate de verre forms floating on double tapered forged steel curves
38"h x 12"w 4.5"d
Standing sculptural piece with pate de verre forms floating on patinated forged steel tapers on a counter-weighted steel base.
7' h x 19"w x 13"d
Color Blocks
Red, Blue and Green fused glass color blocks with pate de verre forms and copper inclusions framed by black shadow boxes.
12" x 12" x 2" d
Blue Balance
Royal and clear pate de verre forms pierced by a damascus glass taper balancing on a patinated stone. 
6.5" h x 5"w x 4.5"d
Black and White
A series of six fused glass and pate de verre with copper inclusions framed by black shadow boxes.
6" x 6" x 2"d individually
20.5"w x 13.25" h x 2" d series
Ice Circles
Curved and arched glass forms suspended between glass sheets, framed.
12"w x 10"h x 3"d
Gossamer thin fused and slumped glass stringer bowl form resting on a base of fused, slumped stringer.
15"dia. x 5.5" h
Fused and slumped glass wall or ceiling lights.
10" dia. up to 14" dia. x 3" deep
close up view, with light from within
Fused and slumped glass bowl form on a plaster base.
24"dia x 9"h
Copper Red
Fused and pate de verre forms with copper inclusion, framed by a shadow box.
12"x12"x 2"d
River Reflections
Fused and slumped glass forms on metal bases.
Set of three.
9"dia. to 12" dia. x 3"h
Linear Winter
Pate de verre forms floating on double tapered, forged steel structures. Clear, black and amber glass.
60"w x 42"h x 4.5" d
Blue Vortex
Fused and slumped blue glass gently draped over a Goshen stone
Blue Vortex
close up
Cirles of Light
Fused glass chandelier. Textured forms hanging around a unique tubular bulb.
Circles of Light
close up
Fused and slumped thread glass in a half sphere form, floating, balanced on a Goshen Stone.
A variety of glass encased with hammered silver on a sterling silver chain.
Fused Glass baubles on hammered sterling silver pendant with unique handmade connections and sterling silver necklace.
Water Squared
Fused Glass pendant with silver.
Black and White
Pate de verre and fused glass forms on black acrylic
Spring Wind
Pate de verre forms on a watercolor collage, framed
Pate de verre forms floating down from a linear steel form.
56"l x 36"w x 4.5"d
Pate de verre half sphere form with copper edge, balanced on a Goshen stone.
Fused and slumped glass forms on Goshen Stone with copper inclusions.
Close up
Waves on the Rocks
Fused and slumped glass form with copper inclusions on a Goshen Stone.
18"x 6" x 9"
Fused and slumped glass with copper wire inclusions on Goshen stone.
Early Bird
Pate de Verre with Copper electroformed edge with glass baubles and a torch worked bird.
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